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'AIMER' represents a broad international road freight service


“AIMER” represents a broad international road freight service. In cooperation with partners and logistic agents in Germany, Italy, the Netherlands, Scandinavia and Ukraine, we provide regular combined and full cargo deliveries. A wide network of partners in all major ports, stations and airports in the world, allows us to offer competitive maritime, rail and air freight services.

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Road transport routes across Europe

Rail transport

The rail network provides convenient access to Russia and other CIS countries. Rail transport is one of the most popular and secure ways of transporting freight: low freight costs and high quality delivery.

Air transport

Most often, avio transport is used for goods with high added value, as well as avio transport is the best way of delivering goods for which short delivery times and rapid stock movements are important.

Sea transport

Maritime freight transport is one of the most beneficial and profitable freight transport modes which ensures the delivery of freight in large quantities and distances.

Road transport

AIMER provides freight transportation and logistics services, including full, combined, refrigerator, oversized and ADR goods.